Resistance bands have made a huge impact on the fitness industry because they cost about the same as a one-month gym membership and nowhere near what other types of exercise equipment cost. But the benefits of resistance bands doesn't stop at how affordable they can be. They are remarkably easy to use and allow you to create a remarkable range of exercises using only the bands themselves. If you are looking for an inexpensive, portable, and flexible piece of exercise equipment – for your home or for your professional gym or workout classes – ERND Resistance Bands have everything you need to create state-of-the-art resistance band workouts.

I created this guide with the purpose of being able to help teach you the most effective ways to use our Glute Bands for optimal performance. I know how hard it is to get to where you want to go but I promise that with dedication, patience, and following my booty guide, you'll see a difference in no time! I hope you enjoy using your glute bands and my program as much as we loved creating them!

Resistance Bands are a perfect piece of equipment. They're inexpensive, portable, and flexible – for your home or for your professional gym or workout classes.

ERND Resistance bands come in two sizes, S/M and L/XL. We offer two sizes to give you a wider range of use. Each come with a set of 3 bands.

Every set of ERND Resistance Bands come with (3) bands, each one offering more resistance then the other. (light, medium, and firm).

These aren't your regular, cheap-y, rubber resistance bands. ERND Resistance Bands are made from high-end premium polyester fabric made to last and designed to give you the real (and comfortable) resistance.

(SET OF 3)